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Introducing the SL 1410 - SL1412 Sundries Tray Slatwall Fit, the perfect accessory for organizing and displaying small items in your retail space. This durable and versatile tray is designed to seamlessly fit into slatwall panels, making it easy to create a custom and organized display. The slatted design allows for easy visibility and accessibility, making it ideal for displaying small sundries such as stationery, small accessories, or beauty products.


  • SL 1410 - W 200MM X D 100MM x H 30MM 
  • SL 1411 - W 300MM X D 100MM x H 30MM 
  • SL 1412 - W 450MM X D 150MM x H 50MM 

SL 1410 - SL 1412 Sundries Tray Slatwall Fit

PriceFrom £4.85
Excluding VAT
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