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The PS8062 - 8065 Wall Mounting/Hanging Poster Holder is the perfect solution for displaying advertising materials or informational posters in retail or office settings. This sleek and sturdy poster holder is available in various sizes to accommodate different poster dimensions, allowing for a customizable and professional display. The clear acrylic material provides a crystal-clear view of the poster, ensuring that your messaging is visible and impactful to viewers. The wall-mounting/hanging design saves valuable floor space and keeps posters securely in place, preventing any potential damage or distortion.


  • PS8062  - A5 (Landscape)
  • PS8063 -  A4 (Landscape)
  • PS8064 - A3 (Portrait)
  • PS8065 - A3 (Landscape)

PS8062 - 8065 Wall Mounting/Hanging Poster Holder

PriceFrom £3.85
Excluding VAT
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