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An aisle in a small local supermarket, Miller's Farm Shop, Musbury, Devon


You can build the ideal shelving bay for your premises using our collection of features below. For assistance, call our dedicated team at A D A Shopfittings in Deeside. We cover North Wales and the North West of England, including Liverpool, Chester, Greater Manchester, Wrexham, Mold, Anglesey and the A55 corridor.


  • Eden Jura Baseleg S50i System
    Prices excluding VAT 200mm: POA 300mm: POA 370mm: POA 470mm: POA 570mm: POA 670mm: POA 770mm: POA
  • Eden S50i Base Plinths
    Prices excluding VAT 665mm: POA 800mm: POA 1000mm: POA 1250mm (Slate Grey): POA Colours available: Jura / Silver / Dark Grey / Green / Blue / Red / Black
  • Eden S50i Upright Extension-H Slot
    Prices excluding VAT Jura 60 30 400mm: POA
  • Eden Jura & Silver 60 30 Upright – H Slot
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Eden Jura & Silver Plain Back Panels
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Jura & Silver Slat Back Panels
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Eden Jura & Silver S50i Brackets (sold as pairs)
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Eden S50i Jura & Silver Shelves
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Silver Acrylic Mag Shelf
    665m 1 meter Prices exclude VAT.
  • PETG Mag Shelf Single
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Toothed Divider
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Plain Divider
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Jura & Silver Gondola Cover
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • High 95mm Polished Acrylic Riser
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Wire Riser 150mm Exposed
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Low PVC Riser 15mm Exposed
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Wire Riser 95mm Exposed
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Evolve S50i Acrylic Toothed Riser 75mm Exposed
    Prices exclude VAT.
  • Clear PETG Card Unit-Supplied Complete
    Combine Tiers [ie] 12 + 6 + 2 For 18 to increase tiers Prices exclude VAT.
  • Eden S50i Ticket Moulding Scanning / Epos Edging
    Colours available: Jura / Silver / Dark Grey / Green / Blue / Red / Black Prices exclude VAT.
Red-shaded image of cosmetics' shop shelving
A selection of shelving bays filled with cosmetics' products

Our shelf lighting is quick and easy to install and you don’t need the help of an electrician to do it. The Evolve incorporates a safe 24 volt system which anybody can put in place. It’s safe to touch and nearby products won’t be affected by it.

Simply attach the LED Light units to the underside of the metal shelf and connect to the rear light track. The wires are magnetic and simply attach to the underside of the shelf. The LED driver is placed out of sight below the base shelf.


  • Safe and simple to install in minutes

  • No electrician needed

  • 24 volt system

  • LED lights for bay sizes

  • 500 / 665 / 800 / 1000 / 1250mm options

  • Low cost running (i.e. 1000mm = 10W)

  • Low maintenance

  • Magnetic wires for easy attachment to shelves

  • LED driver [power unit] supplied


Red-shaded image of white shelving
White shelving filled with figurines
Faded image showing filled shelves

“At Jubilee Garage, we have used A D A numerous times over the years. They also recently refurbished our reception. The service has always been excellent and very efficient. The staff are lovely and very friendly. We would highly recommend them.”

– Paul Ellis (Facebook review)

Build a shelving bay the way you want it with A D A Shopfittings.

Call 01244 281093 today and let’s discuss what you need

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