Slatwall accessories

          Slatwall Plastic Prong Hook
DH830 100mm Cream / Grey from 33p
DH831 150mm Cream / Grey from 36p
DH832 200mm Cream / Grey from 41p
              Slatwall Mini Prong Hook
         DH860 25mm Clear  from 28p

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             Slatwall Plastic Euro Hook
DH800 100mm Cream / Grey from 36p
DH801 150mm Cream / Grey from 43p
DH802 200mm Cream / Grey from 51p 
                 Standard Card Rack
   SL1001 600mm       £8.20   excl vat
   SL1002 800mm       £9.40   excl vat
   SL1003 1000mm     £11.20 excl vat
   SL1004 1200mm     £13.20 excl vat
                  Compact Card Rack
       SL1010  600mm    £6.75 excl vat
       SL1011  800mm    £8.40 excl vat
       SL1012  1000mm  £9.80 excl vat
                      Post Card Rack
  SL1030    600mm    £6.30   excl vat
  SL1031    800mm    £8.65   excl vat
  SL1032    1000mm  £10.40 excl vat   
                   Bow Fronted Shelf
  SL1095    300mm    £5.50   excl vat
  SL1096    400mm    £7.75   excl vat
  SL1097    500mm    £10.55 excl vat
                   Flat Shelf With Lip
      SL1100   250mm   £2.59 excl vat
Call 01244 281093
                 Flat Shelf Without Lip
     SL1125   250mm   £1.45 excl vat
 General Purpose Shelf with Supports
    SL1150   150mm   £4.55 excl vat
    SL1151   250mm   £5.40 excl vat
    SL1152   300mm   £6.60 excl vat
                other sizes available
   General Purpose Shelf With Upstand
    SL1190   250mm   £4.25 excl vat
    SL1191   300mm   £5.40 excl vat
                 other sizes available   
SL1201 General Purpose Shelf
               General Purpose Shelf
    SL1198   250mm   £3.75 excl vat
    SL1199   300mm   £4.50 excl vat
    SL1201   400mm   £6.20 excl vat
                other sizes available
SL1281 Book support
                      Book Support
      SL1281   130mm   £2.85 excl vat
      SL1282   180mm   £3.25 excl vat   
SL1285 Extra deep flat shelf
                  Extra Deep Flat Shelf
         SL1285   250mm   £2.50 excl vat
Call 01244 281093
Flat shelf with lip
                    Flat Shelf with Lip
    SL1286   250mm   £3.25 excl vat
LD4023 Leaflet Dispenser
             1/3 A4 Leaflet Dispenser    
              LD4023 £1.99 excl vat
LD4033 Leaflet Dispenser
                 A5 Leaflet Dispenser
               LD4033 £2.99 excl vat  
LD4043 Leaflet Dispenser
                 A4 Leaflet Dispenser
               LD4043 £3.99 excl vat
LD4100 1/3 A4 Tiered Leaflet Dispenser
        1/3 A4 Tiered Leaflet Dispenser
              LD4100 £7.25 excl vat
LD4101 Tiered Leaflet Dispenser
            A5 Tiered Leaflet Dispenser
                LD4101 £8.95 excl vat

Call 01244 281093
           A4 Tiered Leaflet Dispenser
             LD4102 £10.25 excl vat
          Open Front Leaflet Dispenser
               SL1650 £5.47 excl vat
               SL1651 £6.10 excl vat
               SL1652 £7.65 excl vat
           Acrylic Infomation Holders
           SL1754 A5P  £1.95 excl vat
           SL1755 A4P  £2.95 excl vat
           SL1756 A3P  £5.75 excl vat
                other sizes available
           Acrylic Information Holders
            SL1764 A5L £1.95 excl vat
            SL1765 A4L £2.95 excl vat
            SL1766 A3L £5.75 excl vat
                  other sizes available
SL1805 3 Tier shoe shelf
SL1805 3 Tier Shoe Shelf £8.95 excl vat
SL1810 2 Tier shoe shelf
     SL1810 2 Tier Shelf £5.50 excl vat
Call 01244 281093
sl1936 Mirror Display
SL1936 Mirror Display £6.50 excl vat
SL1940 Photo frame holder
                Photo Frame Holders
             SL1940  £4.40pr excl vat        
             SL1942  £3.90pr excl vat
          SL2120 6 Section Pick & Mix
                      £45.00 excl vat
            SL9773 Pick & Mix Hopper
                      £23.00 excl vat
SL2485 General Merchandiser
        SL2485 General Merchandiser
                      £50.20 excl vat
SL1500 Bow Fronted Container
               Bow Fronted Container
               SL1500 £23.20 excl vat
               SL1501 £37.50 excl vat
Call 01244 281093
SL2608 Stationery Display
             SL2608 Stationery Display
                    £28.75 excl vat
SL1490 Angled Front Container
     5 Compartment Angled Container
               SL1490 £24.25 excl vat
               SL1491 £31.50 excl vat
Pen Dispenser
                       Pen Dispenser
         SL1540 5 Pot    £16.40 excl vat
         SL1541 10 Pot  £31.75 excl vat
SL2490 Pen Dispenser
                       Pen Dispenser
     SL2490 10 Section £26.50 excl vat
SL2495 Angled Pen Dispenser
                Angled Pen Dispenser
              SL2495  £39.50 excl vat
SL2614 A4 Colour Paper Dispenser
A4 Coloured Paper Dispenser 8 Section
               SL2614  £78.65 excl vat
Call 01244 281093
SL2720 Gift Wrap Dispenser
                 Gift Wrap Dispenser
               SL2720 £5.50 excl vat
SL2629 Gift Tag Dispenser
              Ribbon or Gift Dispenser
    SL2629 5 Section   £28.75 excl vat
    SL2630 10 Section £48.00 excl vat
SL2650 Giftwrap Dispenser
                  Giftwrap Dispenser
       SL2651 5 Bars   £31.00 excl vat
       SL2650 10 Bars £55.00 excl vat
SL2600 10 Bar giftwrap & ribbon dispenser
     Giftwrap Tag & Ribbon Dispenser
     SL2601 5   Bars  £69.00   excl vat
     SL2600 10 Bars  £115.00 excl vat
SL2640 Ribbon /Gift Tag Dispenser
          Ribbon or Gift Tag Dispenser
SL2640 6 Compartment £27.50 excl vat
SL2641 7 Compartment £29.50 excl vat
SL1535 Cosmetic Tray
    Cosmetic Tray 5 movable dividers
               SL1535 £19.25 excl vat
Call 01244 281093
SL1510 Sundries Container
                   Sundries Container
                SL1510 £18.75 excl vat
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