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The PS8040-PS8046 Double Sided Freestanding Poster Holder is the perfect way to display promotional materials, advertisements, or informational posters in your retail space. Made from durable acrylic, these poster holders are designed to withstand daily use in high traffic areas. The double sided design allows for maximum visibility and exposure, making it a versatile choice for showcasing multiple promotions or messages at once. The freestanding base provides stability and allows for easy placement anywhere in your store. Available in various sizes to accommodate different poster dimensions, these holders are a convenient and professional way to enhance your store's visual merchandising.


  • Opening at base


  • PS8040  - A6 (Portrait)
  • PS8037  - A6 (Landscape)
  • PS8041  - 1/3 A4 (Portrait)
  • PS8042  - A5 (Portrait)
  • PS8043  - A4 (Portrait)
  • PS8045  - A3 (Portrait)
  • PS8046  - A3 (Landscape)

PS8040 -PS8046 Double Sided Freestanding Poster Holder

PriceFrom £1.75
Excluding VAT
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